Property Insurance for Your Building and Contents


Insurance for damage to your building, contents inside the building and resulting business interruption for lost earnings or lost rental income.  You may select replacement cost of the structure, or insure for the actual cash value of the structure or at functional replacement cost for what you would rebuild. 

Property insurance is very desirable to the insurance companies so they have sweetened their offer with incredible coverage enhancements and competitive pricing.  Price is important but this is one of your most valuable investments and you want the best coverage possible at a fair premium with a company that provides prompt and fair claims service. 

If you are like most building owners, youíve left it with one insurance company and agent for a long time with the premium steadily increasing and no updating of building valuation or coverage review with your agent.  We donít ignore property renewals, we manage them for you and help evaluate the differences in the quotes and let you decide.


Optional and/or Enhanced Coverages


  • Business Interruption
  • Rental Income
  • Mechanical Breakdown
  • Sewer & Drain Backup
  • Ordinance & Law
  • Building Foundations & Dirt work


Vacant Building Insurance:  Vacant = 90 days+.  If "vacant" for more than 90 consecutive days (and vacant is defined) your policy will exclude vandalism, theft and reduces all other coverage by 15%.  Your policy must be moved to a new insurance company that will charge more premium but will provide theft and vandalism coverage.     


Canceled or Declined Coverage:  We have markets for property that's been canceled for too many claims or property that is rough and in need of repairs or updates. .


Builders Risk Insurance / Course of Construction Insurance

Property insurance for your building during construction.  We absolutely have the best market for developers of speculative homes, condos and town homes with continuation of coverage at the same low premium while for sale for up to two years after completion.  .