Gas stations are very different today than the full service stations of yesterday. 


Today, your business is full service in a different way.  Not only do you have a small retail side, you may also have a restaurant or other eating establishment on premise.  Some may also have a liquor store or souvenir shop. 


Do you have coverage for all your unique exposures?  Are the awnings over your pumps insured?  Do you have liquor liability for your liquor sales?  How about spoilage for your food at the restaurant? 


Insurance Network is here to identify these risks and help you cover them properly.


Gas Stations - Convienence Stores - Truck Stops  


  • Money & Securites on and off premise
  • Robery Coverage
  • Business Income
  • Food Spoilage coverage due to loss of refrigeration
  • Restaurant Insurance
  • Food Borne Illness coverage
  • Liquor Liability Insurance


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