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Property insurance for damage to your building &/or contents inside the building including the resulting lost rental income &/or business income.  Whether you are a single property owner, a seasoned investors or a large property manager we can help you manage the quotes & select a insurance company that's right for you. 


Property insurance is very desirable to the insurance companies so they have sweetened their offer with incredible coverage enhancements and competitive pricing.  If you are like most building owners youíve left it with one insurance company & agent for a long time with the premium steadily increasing and no updating of building valuation or coverage review with your agent.  


Are you under-insured, will you be able to afford to  rebuild, do you have limits adequate to also remove & dispose of the debris?   Do you want insurance coverage for your building foundation, underground pipes & dirt work if you have a total loss?  Have you discussed, your building replacement cost limit,  ordinance and law coverage or water and sewer backup coverage with your agent.  


The difference in property coverage that's quoted requires a professional to help you decide what's right for you.   Our agents,  donít ignore property renewals, we manage them for you & help you decide when it's time to take quotes, evaluate the differences in the quotes and let you decide.

Property is a Serious Investment & We're Serious about Protecting Your Investment

VACANT BUILDING INSURANCE  Vacant = 90 day's and vacant is defined in the policy.  If vacant  your policy will exclude vandalism & theft and reduces all other coverage by 15%.  It needs to be moved to a specialty company that will cover your building while vacant to be insured properly.  Theft of building copper and vandalism to buildings has become a huge problem and can be a very expensive claim.        


Builders Risk Insurance / Course of Construction Insurance

Property insurance for your building during construction.   Coverage can be issued on an individual building basis, or can be a monthly or quarterly reporting form for a general contractor with multiple projects.    We absolutely have the best market for developers of speculative homes condos and townhomes with continuation of coverage at the same low premium while for sale.