Your customers trust you to repair their cars right and to do it for the lowest cost possible.  


You can trust Insurance Network to do the same with your garage keepers insurance and garage liability insurance and all your other insurance coverage. 


Lets check under your hood and give you an insurance tuneup, dialing in you garage keepers insurance, garage liability insurance and workers compensation insurance.  


  • Garage          
  • Body Shop         
  • Tire Stores         
  • Truck Stops  


You need an insurance agent that you can trust to do it right, for the most competitive price now and in the future.   We should be able to save you 10% on your workers compensation insurance over the prominent company's pricing.   


  • Garage Keepers  Insurance
  • Garage Liability Insurance 
  • Broad Form Products Liability


Used & New Car Dealership

Auto dealership liability insurance  and open lot physical damage, for your entire operations with national and regional companies.   Competitive quotes & insurance coverage designed just for your Auto Dealership.    


  • Dealers Open Lot coverage
  • False Pretense Coverage
  • Dealers Error & omission Insurance